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Improved performance for monitoring applications

In short Docklight and Docklight Scripting just became faster and better looking. Grab a preview of the upcoming update: Docklight Scripting V2.0.x Customer Support Version Docklight V2.0.x Customer Support Version The Full Story The Docklight software tools certainly have a history, with the first Docklight released in 2002. This does not stop them from working flawlessly on any recent 32 or 64 bit Windows system with a huge range of serial communications hardware and software, but there was always one well documented limitation: Docklight is only as fast as its communication output formatting .  Specifically the Rich Text Format (RTF) display can be a true bottleneck in any communication logging that produces a lot of color changes, e.g. due to different data directions, timestamps or control character comments. We now carefully reworked the related code and found a much improved solution which increases RTF formatting speed by factor 3-5. The updated Docklight