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RS232 / RS422 / RS485 Professional Monitoring

Introducing Docklight Pro Monitor and Docklight Tap 485 Using Docklight helps eliminate a lot of time-consuming manual labor when testing or validating serial protocol applications. Now you can work with the same outstanding ease in more challenging areas, where our classic Docklight software was not designed to operate. We are pleased to introduce: Docklight Pro Monitor and Docklight Tap 485 , a dedicated software & hardware solution for: High-speed serial monitoring up to 921 kbps Time-critical applications RS232 applications where hardware handshaking , resp. RTS / CTS / DTR / DSR / DCD / RI signal states are involved RS485 2-wire and RS422 4-wire differential signal applications  Docklight Pro Monitor is a free addition to all Docklight Scripting license holders. Evaluation is free and without time limit, as always. Try it now: Download Docklight Pro Monitor Docklight Pro Monitor works with our Docklight Tap Pro and Docklight Tap 485 USB data taps