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Introducing Docklight DLL

Dear Docklight Users, During the past couple of months we have been building and fine-tuning a new software package to assist you with the following scenario: You have a serial communications application, like an embedded device talking to a PC. You have already manually tested its functionality and created a Docklight project for it, maybe even a Docklight script for some basic automation. But what you actually need is to have your own application talk to the device. This could be a simple Microsoft Excel worksheet, but also any C++/C/C#/Java Windows application. Here is where our new “Docklight DLL” package fits right in. It provides a set of commands allowing you to load existing Docklight projects and use the same communications processing and Send/Receive Sequence functionality that is available in the Docklight Scripting desktop application. More information and download links are available on our Docklight web site: