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Docklight V2.4 free update and Windows 11

Docklight / Docklight Scripting V2.4 available We are pleased to announce our Docklight V2.4 and Docklight Scripting V2.4 updates. Here are the direct download links: Docklight Scripting V2.4 - Download Docklight V2.4 - Download As usual, this is a free update and part of our  lifetime license commitment that makes Docklight such a great one-time investment. The V2.4 updates address minor issues that our users and we noticed in the daily work with the V2.3 releases from 2020. The full changelog looks like this: Docklight / Docklight Scripting V2.4.5 (04/2022) Fixes and Improvements: - New Expert Option: Devices -> "Disable I/O error detection / hotplug feature for COM." Hotplug / auto-recovery was added in Docklight V2.3, but could produce I/O error events with some specific drivers even in normal operation. V2.4 has improvements, plus you can always disable hotplug completely (back to V2.2 behavior). - Improved COM port RX timing for devices using Microsoft's st