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Docklight V2.0, Docklight Scripting V2.0

Dear Docklight Users, We are glad to inform you that our Docklight software packages have been updated: - Docklight V2.0 (improved Receive Sequence matching, plus many small fixes and improvements) - Docklight Scripting V2.0 (new script methods for float conversion, time stamps, handshaking, and other fixes) Docklight V2.0 and Docklight Scripting V2.0 are available at our download section: You can find a complete list of changes below. As in the past, the new versions are available as free updates for users of previous releases. What’s new in this version? This update was mostly about under-the-hood work, ironing out some glitches or limitations that were reported by our users. Most notably, the Receive Sequence detection algorithm has been improved. It will now also trigger on character patterns that were overlooked in V1.9 or earlier, due to what was described as “cursor based matching” in earlier Docklight manuals. Another crit