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Docklight Tap, Docklight V1.9, Docklight Scripting V1.9

Dear Docklight Users, We are glad to announce - our new Docklight Tap accessory, a compact RS232 monitoring solution for USB and two new Docklight software releases: - Docklight V1.9 (milliseconds time stamps, new expert settings for timing-critical applications) - Docklight Scripting V1.9 (detection of handshake signal changes, script break & continue,  include files, support for external program editors with syntax highlighting) Docklight Tap is a RS232 data tap for the USB port that has been designed for timing-critical monitoring applications, where standard Serial-to-USB converters usually reveal poor time tagging accuracy and high latency times. Both Docklight V1.9 and Docklight Scripting V1.9 support the Docklight Tap, offering fast and direct access to the two Docklight Tap data directions. See our new Docklight Tap Application note for full details: