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RS232 / tty testing and simulation on Linux

Summary / TL;DR If you are looking for a Docklight alternative on Linux, here is what we found out: Docklight Scripting works on Ubuntu Linux using the WineHQ package and winetricks . You can access and use both serial ports (tty) and the networking (TCP / UDP) functions. For installation, use a 32-bit WINEPREFIX and winetricks vb6run richtx32 comdlg32ocx comctl32ocx wsh57 . Experimental use only “Use at own risk” - The below description of Docklight installation and use on Linux desktop computers is for experimental use. It is currently not recommended in production environments. Limitations / known issues -  * For tty / serial ports, use Docklight V2.2 versions (e.g.  Docklight Scripting V2.2 ), not V2.3. * Docklight may crash on application exit  * Display output is slower than on Windows, which can lead to slower Receive Sequence reaction times. Background In the recent months, we noticed an increasing interest in a Docklight version for Linux. The bad news - our extremely
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Respirator maintenance, retrofit and development

In light of the current Corona / COVID-19 crisis, we have noticed some very interesting and potentially life-saving projects in respirator technology:,7340,L-3806207,00.html Docklight has over the years found its applications in med tech environments, including the development & maintenance of such equipment. While we do not hold any specific knowledge about the protocols and data transfers involved, we assume there have been already in the past Docklight project files and scripts for such purposes, e.g. to assist in device testing and simulation of sensor data. What we did support more extensively, and where we also provided starting points and example scripts in the past, are data communications in medical laboratory equipment and testing facilities.

Creating self-explanatory device testing and configuration tools

Docklight V2.3 adds project doc support UPDATE 2020/01 - standard V2.3 release out now. Here are the download links for our V2.3 release versions : Download Docklight V2.3 Release Version Download Docklight Scripting V2.3 Release Version New  features include: Sequence and project documentation area RTF logging new Scripting commands for creating custom tools: DL.SetUserOutput / DL.SetWindowLayout / DL.GetKeyState Docklight makes device testing easier for your clients Quickly building small demo applications for clients is a task where Docklight really shines. It is a major reason for Docklight’s popularity among equipment manufacturers or integrators using RS232/RS485/TCP/UDP/HID-based communication interfaces. With Docklight or Docklight Scripting you can swiftly create an example project that shows typical protocol commands and the device responses in action. So along with the device manual and application protocol description, the customer gets a hands-on examp

Integrating Helios Preisser distance gauge – one hour and done

Docklight to the rescue when the pressure is on Recently we created a demo for the fullmo MovingCap position drives and a max GmbH linear axis . Such a toothed belt axis can feature excellent repeat accuracy, if designed and manufactured with great care. To showcase this, we had a Helios Preisser digital indicator with RS232 data interface at hand. Plus a small leaflet for documentation and close to zero time for the integration. Helios Preisser distance measurement using fullmo Kickdrive and Docklight DLL Ready for the show - rapid prototyping with Docklight and Kickdrive leaves you time to relax.  The measurement gauge integration into our demo took me about an hour: Around 20 minutes of manual testing using Docklight and a standard RS232/USB adapter, and another 40 minutes for coding the integration into the actual demo UI. Docklight takes care of all the tricky parts here. The resulting demo was a Kickdrive UI Panel application. Kickdrive allows creating