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Creating self-explanatory device testing and configuration tools

Docklight V2.3 adds project doc support UPDATE 2020/01 - standard V2.3 release out now. Here are the download links for our V2.3 release versions : Download Docklight V2.3 Release Version Download Docklight Scripting V2.3 Release Version New  features include: Sequence and project documentation area RTF logging new Scripting commands for creating custom tools: DL.SetUserOutput / DL.SetWindowLayout / DL.GetKeyState Docklight makes device testing easier for your clients Quickly building small demo applications for clients is a task where Docklight really shines. It is a major reason for Docklight’s popularity among equipment manufacturers or integrators using RS232/RS485/TCP/UDP/HID-based communication interfaces. With Docklight or Docklight Scripting you can swiftly create an example project that shows typical protocol commands and the device responses in action. So along with the device manual and application protocol description, the customer gets a hands-on examp