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Docklight Tap, Docklight V1.9, Docklight Scripting V1.9

Dear Docklight Users,

We are glad to announce
- our new Docklight Tap accessory, a compact RS232 monitoring solution for USB

and two new Docklight software releases:
- Docklight V1.9 (milliseconds time stamps, new expert settings for timing-critical applications)
- Docklight Scripting V1.9 (detection of handshake signal changes, script break & continue,  include files, support for external program editors with syntax highlighting)

Docklight Tap is a RS232 data tap for the USB port that has been designed for timing-critical monitoring applications, where standard Serial-to-USB converters usually reveal poor time tagging accuracy and high latency times. Both Docklight V1.9 and Docklight Scripting V1.9 support the Docklight Tap, offering fast and direct access to the two Docklight Tap data directions. See our new Docklight Tap Application note for full details:

Docklight V1.9 and Docklight Scripting V1.9 are available at our download section:

You can find detailed release notes and a complete list of changes below. As in the past, the new versions are free updates for users of previous releases.

Once again we would like to thank our users for all the supportive feedback. We hope that you like the latest additions and performance improvements.

By the way - we are currently collecting a few comments for a customer testimonials page. If you would like to write us a word or two about why you are using Docklight, we would be more than pleased to quote you on our web site, including a link to your business.

Finally - if you feel there is still that one great feature missing, we would be very happy to hear about it.

Best Regards,
Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -


Docklight / Docklight Scripting V1.9.21 (05/2009)
New features and functions:
- Support for Docklight Monitoring Tap USB - Choose comm.channels TAP0 / TAP1
  (e.g.) instead of COM4 / COM5 for best monitoring accuracy better than 10
- Milliseconds timestamp resolution and improved overall timing accuracy
  (menu Tools-->Options, "Date/Time Stamps")
- Menu Tools --> Expert Options:
  Comm. Driver Mode = External / High Priority Process
  for higher accuracy when monitoring serial COM ports
- Menu Tools --> Expert Options: Disable data forwarding in Monitoring Mode
  for higher data throughput when monitoring serial COM ports
- Receive Sequence Function Character "!" to detect handshake signal changes
- Menu Scripting --> Customize / External Editor:
  use a third party program editor with advanced editing features like
  syntax highlighting
- Break Script menu/toolbar and DL.Break method:
  interrupts script execution and shows the current line in the editor
- #include statement / include file support for scripts

Fixes and Improvements:
- Keyboard console state is now remembered when communication is stopped and
  started again.
- Flow Control Support "Manual" now displays the RI (Ring Indicator) status, too
- Multiple input / output files:
  Up to 4 FileInput objects and 4 FileOutput objects can be used simultaneously
  FileInput, FileInput2, FileInput3, FileInput4
  FileOutput, FileOutput2, FileOutput3, FileOutput4
- Show recently used network addresses in the drop down list of the
  Project Settings dialog
- DL.AddComment Chr(7) can be used to produce a beep sound
- You can now call user-defined Subs or Functions from inside DL_OnSend() or
- CRCs with less than 7 bits now available. New predfined keyword "CRC-7" for
  7 bit CRC used with MMC / smart card applications
- Improved performance when opening / starting large scripts
- Fixed bug: Flow control setting "RS485 Transceiver Control" would activate
  XON/XOFF, too
- Fixed bug: DL.LoadProgramOptions "" now displays the file open dialog correctly
- Fixed bug: Keyboard console in V1.8.10 introduces new timestamp after each
- Fixed bug: Keyboard console steals focus from other applications.
- Fixed bug: Run-time error 91 could occur when Docklight is closed with logging
  still running
- Fixed problem: Docklight goes to 100% CPU load with certain (virtual) COM port