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Docklight V2.0, Docklight Scripting V2.0

Dear Docklight Users,

We are glad to inform you that our Docklight software packages have been updated:

- Docklight V2.0 (improved Receive Sequence matching, plus many small fixes and improvements)
- Docklight Scripting V2.0 (new script methods for float conversion, time stamps, handshaking, and other fixes)

Docklight V2.0 and Docklight Scripting V2.0 are available at our download section:

You can find a complete list of changes below. As in the past, the new versions are available as free updates for users of previous releases.

What’s new in this version?
This update was mostly about under-the-hood work, ironing out some glitches or limitations that were reported by our users. Most notably, the Receive Sequence detection algorithm has been improved. It will now also trigger on character patterns that were overlooked in V1.9 or earlier, due to what was described as “cursor based matching” in earlier Docklight manuals.

Another critical issue was compatibility with virtual COM devices that would not require (and in fact would not allow) setting the classic RS232 line parameters, such as Baud Rate. There is a new Baud Rate setting: “None” to resolve issues with such devices (see

Stratus Engineering’s high performance data tap solutions, EZ-Tap Pro™ and Versa-Tap™, are now fully supported by Docklight Scripting V2.0. Please refer to their web site for more information:

In addition, Docklight Scripting V2.0 features a set of new or improved script commands making IEEE float encodings, handshake signal handling or other specialized data analysis tasks much easier.

Once again we would like to thank our users for all the supportive feedback. We hope that you like the latest additions and improvements, and would love to hear about anything you think is still missing.

Best Regards,
Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -


Release Notes Docklight / Docklight Scripting V2.0.1 (08/2012)
New features and functions: 
- Support for EZ-Tap Pro and Versa-Tap from
  (see also 
- New setting for COM communication channels: 
  Baud Rate "None" = Don’t set serial communication settings (baud rate, parity ...) 
  (to avoid problems with virtual COM drivers / Embedded COM stacks that do not support this)
- New OnReceive_GetDateTime() / OnReceive_GetMilliseconds() method
- New DL.ConvertSequenceData() for processing float and integer encoded values
- New DL.SetContentsFilter() to change Communication Filter settings while channel is open
- New Function Character '^' for bitwise comparisons
- New Receive Sequence comment macros (%_L, %_T, %_C, %_A, %_H, %_D, %_B)
- New method DL.GetHandshakeSignals()
- New method DL.GetEnvironmentVariable(<environmentString>), e.g. DL.GetEnvironmentVariable("USERNAME")

Fixes and Improvements:
- Improved Receive Sequence matching: no more restrictions cursor-based matching. All possible matches are considered. 
- Improved non-modal "Find Sequence..." dialog. Better matching, wildcards now allowed
- New command line option '-i' for invisible background operation
- Extended OnSend_GetData() / OnReceive_GetData() syntax for returning substrings
- Fixed bug with StartLogging: "Internal error 1000 in module MdCommunication.printAndLogIntCommData"
- Fixed ghost ".exe" when closing Docklight (using Alt + F4) while logging is active
- Fixed crash in "Create Log file(s)" when providing an illegal base file path 
- Fixed bug in File->Import Sequence List..: Receive Action index was incorrectly set.
- Docklight allows now manually editing a project file in a text editor, without having 
  to maintain the original sequence indexes. Docklight will re-index on project load 
- Digitally signed setup packages and executables (.exe, .dll)