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Introducing Docklight DLL

Dear Docklight Users,

During the past couple of months we have been building and fine-tuning a new software package to assist you with the following scenario:

You have a serial communications application, like an embedded device talking to a PC. You have already manually tested its functionality and created a Docklight project for it, maybe even a Docklight script for some basic automation.

But what you actually need is to have your own application talk to the device. This could be a simple Microsoft Excel worksheet, but also any C++/C/C#/Java Windows application.

Here is where our new “Docklight DLL” package fits right in. It provides a set of commands allowing you to load existing Docklight projects and use the same communications processing and Send/Receive Sequence functionality that is available in the Docklight Scripting desktop application.

More information and download links are available on our Docklight web site:

As usual there is a free and unlimited-time evaluation version. Our DLL license model will also allow you to distribute copies of our DLL files along with your application, as long as you comply with our DLL licensing terms (

As with any new software package, we highly appreciate your feedback. Especially if you stumble on something at an early point, we would really like to hear about it so we can improve the application as soon as possible. And once again, thank you for all the supportive feedback that helped us to build our fine-tuned and extremely reliable Docklight toolkits over the years.

Best Regards,
Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -