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Available Now - Docklight Scripting V2.1 and Docklight V2.1 Update

The free updates to Docklight and Docklight Scripting are out now. You can download the updated software from here:

Docklight runs smoothly on the fresh Windows 10
Download Docklight V2.1 and Docklight Scripting V2.1

It has taken us quite a while to come up with the final features, and here's why:

We actually spend a lot of time working with Docklight, not on Docklight.

Docklight & Kickdrive powered Touch Panel UI

New functions that go into Docklight are either things our users needed to solve a specific problem. Or we needed it ourselves, to build some interesting applications for equipment control & configuration. The pretty touch panel to the left was made using a Docklight DLL inside a Kickdrive Runtime Application. It talks to a Technosoft controller using a custom serial protocol including a checksum.

So in Docklight and Docklight Scripting V2.1 you can benefit from a very accessible checksum/CRC calculator for Send and Receive Sequences. Plus numerous other improvements for Docklight Tap and Docklight Tap Pro monitoring applications. The V2.1 releases are around 3-5 times faster than V2.0, and you will notice a lot of attention to small details that make it even more comfortable to use.

Docklight Scripting V2.1 in addition offers a range of new communication channel types: USB/Bluetooth HID, Named Pipes, and TCP Proxy Server behavior.

See the full release notes below for details on what changed for the V2.1 version.

"Great, so did you also find me a better way to organize and document the sequence lists in my huge projects? User-defined sequence descriptions?  Some kind of grouping?"  - well, here is the late night confession. We didn't. For the V2.1 releases we decided to focus on functions, speed and reliability. But we already plan to do a second update round in autumn which will deal with some UI aspects like managing and documenting Send/Receive Sequences.

As in the past, our goal is to come up with the most reliable and practical solution for your serial communication headaches. So if you believe there is anything that can be done better - let us know!

Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -


Release Notes - Docklight / Docklight Scripting V2.1.10 (09/2015)

- New V2.1 project file format for checksum support. 
  Projects without checksums are stored in the V2.0 format for compatibility. 

Fixes and Improvements: 
- Faster RTF (colored text) formatting, especially with text that contains a lot of color changes. 
- More readable and more up-to-date fonts and layout.
- Improved display overload handling, e.g. when RTF formatting still takes too long. Docklight does
  not freeze, but switch to Plain Text Mode automatically and indicate a warning. 
- Improved COM port enumeration in the Project Settings dialog: 
  Should find some rare device types that were previously omitted. Uses now SetupAPI, plus additional 
- Added Receive Sequence comment macros: %_N for Sequence Name, %_I for Sequence Index,
  %_X for data direction.
- Adjusted standard baud rate list, includes now 230400 baud.
- Fixed bug: For "RS485 Transceiver Control - Set RTS high while sending", XON/XOFF was enabled, too. 
- Fixed bug: Tap Pro time drift correction with Windows Time / fixed "jump to earlier time"
- Fixed bug: Tap Pro baud rates 230.4K and higher, ParityReplacementChar = 0 (ignore)
- Fixed bug: Bitwise comparison operator ('^') would not work after '#' wildcard section. 
- Fixed RTS/DTR, XON/XOFF inconsistencies: No temporary RTS/DTR glitches when switching baud rates
  or opening port. Corrected XON/XOFF when project setting and not script controlled.
- Ctrl+W (Clear Communications) works now regardless of focus
- Fixed bug: "Repeat Send" button state wrong after switching representation
- Fixed bug: Sequence lists: Delete a row, then use up/down keys - wrong line was marked
- Fixed bug: Rare crash when using Find for Communication Window
- Scripting: Changed name and extended DL.GetEnvironment() function. Added Docklight-specific keywords
  for reading Docklight project and version data.
- Scripting: Active Keyboard Console now blocks/disables script editor text box.
- Scripting: Fixed crash when starting with command line option "-r", then closing with Alt+F4. 
- Scripting: Fixed #include bug: "Script preprocessor error: Duplicate Include for same file" appeared,
  even for unique include paths. 
- Scripting: Fixed long script loading times for large scripts (> 100KB).
- Scripting: ConvertSequenceData - new "fromText" argument to convert plain text 
  to a HEX/Dec/Binary sequence string

New features and functions:
- Checksum calculation (CRC and others) for Send and Receive sequences.
- 'Standard' Docklight now includes Function Characters support (Handshake Monitoring & Control)
- 'Standard' Docklight now includes Docklight Tap Pro / 485 support
- Channel Alias setting for custom data direction labels
- Scripting: New DL.GetReceiveComments() method - chronological list of all receive sequence comments.
- Scripting: New GetCommWindowData() method - evaluate the original comm.window output in your script
- Scripting: USB HID and Named Pipes support
- Scripting: "PROXY:<tcpPort>" - TCP Server that forwards the client's connect/disconnect behavior 
- Scripting: DL.InputBox2 for a InputBox that appears on the same screen as the Docklight window
- Scripting: FileInput/FileOutput additions: .Dialog(...), .FileExists(...)
  See the \ScriptSamples\Extras\FileDialog_Example folder for an example.