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Docklight Scripting V2.2 – Windows 10, USB HID and user interfaces

Just before going into summer holiday mode, we released free maintenance updates for Docklight and Docklight Scripting. Here is what we improved before the outdoors became too tempting...

A lot of attention went into flawless Windows 10 compatibility, especially when accessing USB HID Custom Class devices or COM device drivers with input data buffer > 4KB.

In addition, a Docklight script (.pts file) can now be loaded and started automatically along with the Docklight project (.ptp file). If your project is called "robotest.ptp", simply name your script file "robotest_auto.pts" and make sure it is located in the same folder. This is especially useful for any script that with event-based processing using Sub On_Send() or Sub On_Receive().

The Docklight main screen underwent some fine-tuning. Finally there is mouse wheel support for the Send Sequence and Receive Sequence lists. Send and Receive Sequence lists are now protected against accidental reordering - to change the sequence order via drag&drop, click the small lock symbol first, then organize your list.

See the complete release notes and list of changes below.

We are aware there are still a lot of major improvements that could be done for the UI. But as in the past, stability and continuity remains our primary focus. At the same time we are very active building UI alternatives with the help of Kickdrive. Kickdrive is a software platform for machine control and configuration, and it now supports a Docklight extension module. This enables you to create modern UI applications based on an existing Docklight communication project:

If this looks like something you would be interested to use for your device, or even build your own configuration tool based on Docklight - get it touch with us and let us know about your requirements!

For our complete software and hardware portfolio, see our Docklight Product Overview.

Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -

Docklight / Docklight Scripting V2.2.4 (07/2016)

New features and functions:
- Scripting: "_auto.pts" script convention for automatic script loading & execution along with the 
  project file.
- Scripting: Extended USBHID channnel options for variable Output Report IDs and size.
- Send and Receive Sequence List have now a small lock to protect against accidental 
  sequence list reordering.
- Special educational and promotional license key scheme combining a license key and the 
  license holder's name.
- License registration dialog now allows deleting/uninstalling the license.
Fixes and Improvements:
- Scripting: USB HID compatibility in Windows 10 fixed. USB HID is now "Shared Access".
- Scripting: USB HID now correctly indicates when a TX / write output report did not succeed.
- Mouse wheel support in sequence lists.
- Keyboard Console now supports ESC key to send ASCII code 27 (Escape).
- Improved Checksum spec parser and added example for common LRC. "-MOD256" specifier 
  for "data + checksum = 0" style checksum.
- Fixed bug: On some serial devices with more than 4K serial buffers and high data load, 
  Docklight could crash with "Internal error 1000 in module 
  MdCommunication.printAndLogIntCommData Internal comm. processing error".
- Fixed bug: When using a certain sequence of opening, closing and re-opening the 
  Control Character Shortcuts dialog, Docklight could crash. 
- Fixed bug: RTS line corrected for Flow Control "RS485 Transceiver Control"
  and "Hardware Handshaking".
- Fixed bug: Keyboard Console line break behavior, now CR/LF (or CR only or LF only) 
  is always added correctly.