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The fast track to integrating UART communication

There are countless examples and resources using Docklight as a helper to "get the job done" in the Embedded world, be it for RS232, RS485, 5V / 3.3V TTL UART connections, TCP, UDP or USB HID. Let's mention a few.

Integrating UART based touchscreen - Docklight to help

The people at Electronics Base have recently published an extensive tutorial about setting up a sleek GUI prototype for the Nextion Intelligent Display products - LCD touchscreens with a simple UART communication link. It shows how you can create a first UI layout for the LCD module with the manufacturers toolkit within minutes, and then go ahead and use Docklight for pre-testing and simulation of the microcontroller part.

Here's the post about the Nextion display (including demo source codes and Docklight projects for download) and the Nextion tutorial video.

A related product and application are the Intelligent LCD controller chips and touch screen display modules from Amulet Technologies. They, too, have been relying on Docklight and Docklight Scripting to prototype, test and verify GUI applications for many years. 

Application support for your customers

Through the years we ran across many Docklight demo projects and specific Application Notes from electronics giants to small engineering offices. We always encourage our users to go ahead and publish their projects. The evaluation versions of Docklight and Docklight Scripting are specifically designed to load such projects and provide fully working communications for unlimited time. Your clients do not require any Docklight licensing in this case - they just use your prepared project files and instructions.

Here are a few examples that we find worth mentioning:

Infineon XMC1000 on-chip flash operation and uses -  AP32280 Application Note 

Texas Instruments MSP430F5529 LaunchPad™ Development Kit, User Guide SLAU533D

Smartenit - How to use Docklight Scripting to set up a ZigBee network and control devices using the SimpleHomeNet ZBPLM API

iRule Universal Remote Control  - Docklight Scripting tool tutorial

Just Add Power - ethernet based video distribution system, Docklight Scripting 

VectorNav VN-100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) AV Control Systems - SICP version on Philips Displays

Advanced Motion Controls App Note 036 - Docklight Tutorial

Media Player MPC1005 MPC1006 for POS / museum / info screens with RS232 interface

B & W Bowers & Wilkins HiFi - RS232 Resources & Troubleshooting

Of course, if there is an interesting example on your own desk, we are always happy to hear about it. And help you with it, e.g. show you some script lines to do things automatically or help with protocol interpretation and evaluation. Just try us.

Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -