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Respirator maintenance, retrofit and development

In light of the current Corona / COVID-19 crisis, we have noticed some very interesting and potentially life-saving projects in respirator technology:,7340,L-3806207,00.html

Docklight has over the years found its applications in med tech environments, including the development & maintenance of such equipment. While we do not hold any specific knowledge about the protocols and data transfers involved, we assume there have been already in the past Docklight project files and scripts for such purposes, e.g. to assist in device testing and simulation of sensor data.

What we did support more extensively, and where we also provided starting points and example scripts in the past, are data communications in medical laboratory equipment and testing facilities. We have now published a related example about ASTM E1381 / E1394 based data transfers:

In addition, we are offering the following assistance during this crisis period:

For any project that is intended to ease the current shortage in respiration and testing capacities, or for anyone who ran into an existing Docklight project that might facilitate retrofit or repair attempts of such devices:
  • Please contact us, list the project and the organization(s) involved, and request a free 3-month license for Docklight Scripting. 
  • We will also be happy to provide in-depth technical support, including example projects and script code to perform a certain task. All the support and assistance you could expect as a commercial licensee of our Docklight products. 
Let’s give our health professionals at the front line the best possible equipment and backup.

Marco Flachmann and Oliver Heggelbacher
- The Docklight Developers -